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Our gorgeous Hold my Heart teddy bear kits are simple to use, and come with easy to follow instructions. Simply take your heart shaped recording device to your next antenatal or ultrasound appointment to record the sound of your babies heartbeat off the doppler. Then place the recording device safely into the back of your bear to be heard anytime you hug or squeeze your bear! Such a precious and unique keepsake to treasure. Audio can also be recorded off other devices such as a mobile phone, DVD or CD.

Our classic teddy bear features beautifully soft caramel coloured fur, with a touch of white satin to both feet and ears. The recording device sits safely inside a special pocket in the back of the bear which is sealed by a discreet velcro closure. Recording device is capable of recording 10 seconds of audio.

In stock



To use recording device, move the switch on the back to “R” for record. Squeeze and hold the device to record (a red light will show on the front of the device as you are recording). Once you are happy with your 10 seconds of recording, flick the switch to “P” for playback mode, and squeeze the device to hear your recorded audio. If you need to re-record, simply follow these steps again. Once the switch is flicked back to “R” however, any previous recording will be lost. Once in playback mode, your recording will remain even if you need to change batteries! It is recommended though, that you always have your audio backed up elsewhere.

Hold my Heart bears have been tested to meet mandatory Australian safety standards.

Approximate sitting height of 23cm.

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